Planting Mesquite Babies

Mojave Trading Co.

This weekend we went out and did a little more work on the floor joist for our shack/shed. We completed half of the entire floor, next step is to place some 1/2 plywood down . Then it will really be a floor!

Other than the floor, we planted three small Mesquite trees and a single pigeon pee tree. We dug a small drainage trench for them and placed them inside of a chicken wire cage to keep the bunnies away. We will see how they do in the coming months. We have a USDA agricultural zone of 8b, so they both should do just fine as long as their water needs are met.

A little side note, we also have a new friend that lives with us on our property. He/She is a Mojave desert kit fox. The fox really likes us and enjoys stealing small things from our camp and placing them elsewhere. Abby has named the fox Freddy Mercury. Sadly we didn’t manage to get any photos of this little fella. Maybe in the future.

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