Starting the Floor

Mojave Trading Co.

This last weekend we started building half of our floor. The reason we are starting this half of our floor before even finishing up the rest of the foundation is because we are wanting to have a flat space to setup and work on but most importantly only the corner of our deck will be framed in for a room. Meaning that right now out of our 24’x24′ deck, we will only have a 120 sq foot room framed in for a sleeping area.

We are going this route to save us some cash and some stress during the initial hauling of materials. It’s a lot of work when you are starting with a completely blank slate.


The floor is made up of 14′ 2×6 boards spaced at 16 inches on center to form the floor joist. These groups of floor joist join together our three separate rows of  three pillars. Making everything one solid structure, forming a deck basically.

While working on all of this Abby learned that she really enjoys using an impact driver to drive 1/4in construction screws for the Simpson ties. After measuring and setting up each joist she was egger to screw together all the hurricane ties so fast that she was sad when we ran out of wood. This soon led to us driving three hours round trip to the home depot in Tehachapi. Some time during this drive the left rear breaks on my truck broke a spring or something inside of them and was raddling the entire way hack down the 58 back to the property. It was quite frustrating but had an easy fix, turn the radio up a bit and keep on going.

We made it back to the property and finished setting up the last 6 floor joist then it was time to take a much needed break till it cooled off and we could start cooking dinner for the night. The next morning we got up early and dug some water catchment trenches up above where we are building our camp area to prevent the large washes from washing away anything useful. We don’t have any photos of these trenches at this time but to get an idea, they are just large smiley face shaped trenches to catch, divert, and catch water. They basically will take the water and help it seep into the ground and preventing erosion of the hill side, while still letting some water pass and continue on down hill.

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