Building the Foundations

Mojave Trading Co.

Last weekend we got 2/3rds of our foundation completed. The foundation is made up of 9 concrete post at 8in in diameter, with 4×6 pressure treaded posts, set in a 20×20 square. The beams are made up of 2 4×6 beams for each row of the foundation. This setup should allow for a good amount of weight to be placed on to these 9 post, ensuring that we are free to build whatever we can think up on this foundation. 🙂 Here are some photos of the two rows that we have completed and some extra shots.

Those beams also earned me a brand new cracked windshield!


Here is a shot from the other side of our camp.


Our temporary camp setup.


The main water line and my truck.


Our friend Jayden’s new driveway to his future camp site.




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