Pacific Crest Trail- Day 21

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Today marks having been out here for 3 complete weeks and beginning on the fourth. It’s 5:13 am and I am wide awake and yet wanting to fall back asleep so very badly. It’s currently 25 degrees and it is too cold to do anything other than hide inside of my sleeping bag.

Beautiful Big Bear hiking views.

Yesterday I traveled about 9.7 miles…not much, I know. That night I got about 4 hours of sleep before having my tent shredded by the horrible gusts of wind. At about 1 am the front of my tent that connects the seams near where my trekking Pole fits in tore and half of my tent collapsed. Luckily I was able to use my backpacking to prop up that corner enough to sleep safely for the rest of the night.

I did not sleep through the rest of the night. I listened to the third Harry Potter sound track and a Joe Rogan podcast in my attempts the drown out the wind and eventually fell back asleep.

Since I’m taking my time to get to the Hotsprings on a day where my friends can meet me I did not set an alarm and slept in until about 7am. I ate breakfast (Belvita blueberry bar and a hot breakfast essentials) in my sleeping bag while listening to Sgt Peppers Lonely Heart Club. The sun was up and I was happy to feel it’s warmth heating up the mountains around me.

I collected water from a spring .5 miles from where I had camped. It was one of the most beautiful water sources I had collected from thus far. It looked like a small cave covered in moss and small plants with water pouring out over them. A gift from Earth herself.

By the time I actually started hiking it was 10am. Usually by now I will have done at least 9 miles but I was thankful to be able to take my time after a night with little sleep. I hiked about 3.5 miles before stopping for lunch. I had 3 street taco shells filled with sharp cheddar cheese, hard salami, and Tabasco sauce I had scored from Panera Bread during one of my zero days.

Sitting there, I could have eaten about 6 of those before feeling satisfied and I felt myself trying way too hard not to eat more of my food. Being out here hiking anywhere from 10-20 miles a day means I am burning anywhere from 4,000-6,000 calories a day. It’s hard to eat 6,000 calories worth of backpacking food in a day and so rationing was not smart. Especially for me who has little weight to spare.

I continued on the last 6.5 miles at 1:30pm. I met only 2 other hikers and hiked with them briefly before stopping to set up camp for the night. I am camped about .3 miles from highway 18 leading into big bear. There has been no wind all night long and I am so grateful for that.

Views from my tent camping near Holcomb Lake.

My plan for today includes trying to get a ride into town to get more food and then continuing up the trail about 12 miles towards Bertha Peak. Rationing food is a silly thing to do when you’re burning so many calories so I think going into town to get some more snacks is the wise thing to do.

For now I am going to try and fall back asleep until the sun comes up…but my mind is so wide awake. Tata for now…

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