Pacific Crest Trail- Day 7

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Well, tomorrow morning at 6am it will officially be one week on the trail. I am at mile 63.6 and feeling an overwhelming sense of gratitude for life, the earth, and all of my friends and family.

I woke up and set off on the trail by 6:30am and made my way up the trail steadily. It creeped upward on an old road where near the top there was a monument for people who seemed to be in Alcoholics Anonymous judging by their sobriety chips being soldered inside of the monument.

View of the sunrise from the trail near the monument.

The next water source was Sunrise Trailhead, about 7 miles away from where I was camped and .25 miles off the trail. I finally had cell phone service! And water! There were tons of other hikers flocking around the water source, per usual. I set down my pack, set my solar charger up and caught up with my friends and family.

I posted a couple pictures on Facebook, updated my blog through the previous night, and answered tons of text messages. I couldn’t believe how much time it was taking up. Much to my excitement some of my friends said they are planning on meeting me further up trail at the hot springs! This is motivation to keep on hiking and something to look forward to. I really am so grateful for everyone in my life. I can feel it beaming from the center of my existence.

After taking an hour or so break at the water source and eating I carried on, not really sure what my plans were. The next water source was not for 17 miles and even that is just a water cache that could potentially be dry. I carried 6 liters on my back, planning on dry camping as well as having to wait for a ride into town to prevent hitching.

It was probably too much water, but I’d rather be safe than sorry. And so I carried tons of water (not literally but it felt literal…) Onward down into a valley somewhere in Anza Boreggo Desert State Park. There was a campsite just 2.6 miles away that sounded appealing and could fit at least 5 tents.

Photo of the camping area in the valley. You can see Pop-eye and Rattlesnake’s tent set up with a beautiful backdrop.

The sun is relentless and the day had been pretty hot. It was a little scary considering your sweat evaporated so you don’t even notice you’re sweating. I wanted to go on but I knew it was time to camp. Pop-eye and Rattlesnake were camping in the same area and were good company.

I set up my tent, perfectly yet again, and set my pack up with my umbrella behind it keeping me out of the shade. My appetite has finally been back to where it should be and I quickly started to make chili flavored ramen. I added spinach, onion, and bell pepper that I had dehydrated days before my trip.

A dirty, somewhat broken and yet incredibly grateful Abby in her wild habitat.

Having to wait for the ramen to cool enough to eat was torture. The sun had zapped all energy out of me and I wanted to badly to lay down. It took ages but I was finally able to eat it and it was the best thing I could have chosen. The veggies added a lot more flavor, texture, and nutrients to my meal leaving my body happy.

I surprisingly went on to make some cream of wheat for I guess what I would consider my dessert. Surprisingly I was still hungry. Even now, I’m crunching down on some Munchies and drinking Propel in my tent as I write this. It feels good to finally be able to easily eat enough to sustain my body.

I’m feeling very good mentally and okay physically. The tops of my feet having been feeling sore and strained and I have rolled my ankles several times descending on the rocky trail where I’m camped now. They don’t hurt now, but I took an Advil just as a precaution and have been keeping them elevated.

I used left over hot water from my cream of wheat to wipe myself down with a bandanna and got into my tent. It’s only 6:56pm but I am exhausted. Sara by Fleetwood Mac is playing in my ear and I am missing my Sarah a little extra. I really do have the best friends and family I could ever ask for.

Tonight I cry happy tears. Happy for being alive, feeling supported, and being surrounded by love. I am eternally grateful.

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