Pacific Crest Trail- Day 4

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Views of the full moon looking down at a beautiful, serene water source.

Today is my fourth day hiking the Pacific Crest Trail and I am at mile 37.8 camping along next to Long Canyon Creak. Mount Laguna is only 3.7 miles ahead and tomorrow Jacob will be meeting me in town. Words cannot express how excited I am to see someone I know and love, especially since he feels like home.

I’ve determined that hiking is the easiest part of the trail and the real challenge lies mentally. There are times I feel exhilarated and amazed by the trail and long distance hiking community. Then there are other times when I’m filled with homesickness so bad that I find tears rolling down my face as I hike.

Mostly, though, it has been an amazing experience. I knew that coming out here would break me down and make me uncomfortable but nothing could have prepared me for the vast amount of emotions that ebb and flow throughout the day.

Today is my first night camping alone, and while I was kind of nervous at first I find that I actually feel quite relieved. I hiked with Nicole, Zero and Worm from Boulder Oaks Campground to a large tent site just before Cibbets Flatts Campground. We took a siesta and got back up to hike around 3:30pm.

I had been getting the feeling that I should move on from the group since I was starting to want to push further than them. Anxiety of being alone and also knowing my family would prefer for me to be with another group made me a little hesitant to leave. Finally after reaching a hard-to-get-to water source I told Nicole I was going to push onto the next one since I had enough water to get there. She agreed and I felt that she was wanting me to move on as well.

So I lay here tonight camping alone for the very first time. I can hear the creek flowing from my tent and my body is tired. The soreness of my body is beginning to fade and I can start to feel the beginning of my hiker legs coming on. I plan to Nero in Mount Laguna and then push on Monday morning. The next section of the trail is dropping into the desert and I couldn’t be more grateful for some easy downhill miles.

It’s an amazing experience

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