Pacific Crest Trail – Day 3

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After a challenging second day in the Pacific Crest Trail I was eager to take it easy. The family I have been hiking with spoke of staying at the campground until about 4pm and then hiking into the night to avoid the heat. I decided to follow suit.

I was thinking the day would go by slow with so little to do, but much to my surprise is was quite a social and refreshing day. We began by heading back down to the Malt Shop to grab breakfast. I got the Bacon Breakfast Burrito and managed to take down about half of it, saving the other half for lunch.

The trail is very social and just about everyone you pass will say hello and converse with you. We spent much of the day hanging out with fellow hikers and relaxing in the shade. Nicole had met two brothers the first day and they strolled into our camp to join our shade party.

We joked, ate, and laughed the sun away in the shade. Finally, when 4pm rolled around and we decided to head back out onto the trail we realized that we would be leaving DJ and his brother behind. It’s kind of a sad moment when you meet your “Tramily” and your plans differ and you have to leave each other. We took a group photo to remember it by.

On we went! Our packs lighter as the next water source was only 6 miles away. We cruised onto the trail and found it much easier to hike without the sun beaming over us constantly.

Looking out over the trail coming out of Lake Morena Campground.

Our goal was to do 6 miles and if we felt good to continue on to the next water source at ten miles. We cruised along, the trail well maintained and easy to follow. The moon was full and I howled, and much to Zero and Worm’s surprise the coyotes howled back.

A sign I found quite comical. This was before you walked into Boulder Oaks Campground.

Six miles in we stopped to get water at Boulder Oaks Campground and it was so dark we had difficulty finding where the trail picked up. Taking it as a sign, we set up camp for the night. I really wanted to push on, but I knew in my hear that the smarter decision was to stay with the group I’ve been hiking with and call it a night.

I finally was able to eat a somewhat normal amount of food, and I am sitting happily in my tent. We plan on waking up around 4am to begin hiking and beat the heat. The sun is the enemy and with it we must find balance.

One thing I’ve learned so far is that Mother Nature and the trail have their own agenda…what you plan will most likely not work out the way you thought.

Not much of an exciting day, but my spirits are high and I feel good. Listening to your body and taking it easy are important to longevity on the trail.

Goodnight, and happy full moon.

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