First Water Tank

Mojave Trading Co.

Today was the day I went out and picked up our first water tote. It’s nothing fancy but I think it will work out great for trips out the the property. It’s a 275 gallon ibc shipping tote that fits perfectly in the bed of my truck. So my thinking is I will keep it in the bed of the truck and just haul water out with us when we go to stay until we can come up with some more cash to afford a proper water tank.

Now this is a tote I got for $70 from a company called parallel products in Rancho Cucamonga CA. It was kinda strange though because I ordered it on eBay for local pick up but when I got to the location they had no record of my order and had no idea who was running the eBay stop I made my perchance from. It seemed really strange but a few minutes of explaining and they we’re loading up a tote into my truck and I was on my way. So it all worked out except I hit heavy traffic on my way back home and was almost late for work. Opps. Haha

With the tote in the bed we plan to fill it up and then have a hookup on our small ac box. This will run a small outdoor shower and a small sink for washing up dishes and filling glasses with water. I’ll probably run a pex line with a copper stupid out up the hill where the truck will be parked and I hope that gravity will allow small pressure so I don’t have to spend more on a pump but we will see.

That’s about it for now with the water tank, check back in soon for more updates.


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